It’s vital that people are engaged in training and development on a regular basis, but as most training takes employees away from their work environment, our learning often gets sidelined.

1. Time

Balancing the need for learning with daily job requirements is often a challenge for those working in training and development. This is even more apparent when trying to implement social learning like coaching or mentoring.

With iConnect, you can develop learning dialogues over distance and over time without taking employees away from their everyday role for significant lengths of time.

“iConnect allows sales managers and team members to view each other’s sales examples at a time suitable to them. It means as a team we can provide more peer support, mentoring and coaching without it impacting our day to day work. We’ve all improved as a result.”  – Lauren Trigwell, Senior BDM

iConnect focuses on capturing learning that is ongoing in the work environment and uses this as a tool for training and development. By moving learning into the workplace, training time constraints become greatly reduced.

2. Collaboration

Evidence shows that employees who collaborate, mentor and coach each other are more likely to be happier in the workplace and even more likely to remain loyal to their organisations, significantly reducing staff turnover.  However, facilitating this level of collaboration has a number of difficulties, including time, culture, flexibility and resources.

With iConnects’ sharing, groups and commentary features, collaboration is easy. Employees are able to share their performance for feedback with colleagues, managers and trainers. This cultivates the growth of knowledge in-house and promotes the sharing of ideas and feedback. It also reduces the pressure to provide formal training as employees are working together to communicate and improve.

“It’s a great teaching tool to enable trainees to reflect on their own consultations. They can also either pick random cases, or what they feel to be their best or worst cases, to show to their trainer or their peer group.” – Dr James Burden, Lakeside Medical Practice

Learning Organisation

3. Onboarding

Imagine you have a number of new starters; each new starter could have access to a wide range of resources. Each of these resources uses real evidence-based practice as best practice to onboard new starters in a way that is highly engaging and personal. Not only would the new starter gain an inside look at the way your organisation works, but they will also get to know the faces of your company, increasing the engagement in your onboarding programme.

“We started using iConnect as an induction and training tool for our sales function 9 months ago and the results have been fantastic. Our new starters regularly comment that it’s the most sophisticated training experience they’ve had.” – Lucy Franklin, Sales Director

New starters will have access to complete resources which will reflect the unique way your company operates. By using our groups and reflections functionality, the onboarding process becomes completely customisable and changeable, growing and evolving as your company develops without any additional costs.  

4. Managing and creating training resources

Using our iOS app, creating videos and capturing real practice is easier than ever before. You can then share these videos with one click and create customised groups around learning for a more comprehensive resource. By making these processes easier, you can focus your attention on the training and development within your organisation and give it the time it deserves. No more faffing around trying to edit, or commission content. iConnect removes barriers to learning so you’ve got the time to dedicate to the learning that’s actually happening.

“We wanted a system that was going to be high quality, with good sound quality, that enabled videos to be used very routinely, reducing the amount of time it took trainers to set-up. iConnect has done that in every aspect. It’s taken the stress of technology away from the recording of consultations. It’s made recordings able to be about learning and how consultations can be improved.” – Dr James Burden, Lakeside Medical Practice

iConnect captures experiential learning as it happens in your organisation and transforms it into a resource to be shared across your organisation. Resources can also be accessed anytime, anywhere, so employees can learn as and when the need arises; refreshing skills, helping others and learning flexibly.  

By utilising self-reflection and reflective observation, iConnect transforms concrete experience into active experimentation to initiate effective behaviour change in the workplace. Providing you with a learning tool that solves numerous training and development challenges in the workplace.

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4 training and development challenges iConnect can solve