Video is a fan­tas­tic tool for help­ing you to devel­op your sales skills; not only more engag­ing, but it’s more effec­tive too. 

This blog will intro­duce you to a few sales skills activ­i­ties that have a lit­tle twist. So here it goes… 

1. Smack my pitch up

We all know what role­play is, right? It’s a sta­ple when it comes to devel­op­ing your sales skills. But, there’s some­thing that can make it have a greater impact. You guessed it, video. 

By record­ing role­play, you remove spec­u­la­tion, assump­tion and bias. There’s no “I think you did ok” or “maybe this could have been bet­ter” or argu­ments over what the sales­per­son may or may not have said. It’s accu­rate because the feed­back hap­pens in line with the video; this also give the sales con­sul­tant the oppor­tu­ni­ty to self-reflect. 

Research shows if the learn­er can see and hear them­selves then they are more like­ly to change their behav­iour as a result.


The Activ­i­ty

Write down a dif­fer­ent poten­tial cus­tomer sce­nario for each pair. These should focus on the main objec­tions you get from cus­tomers and can be any­thing from “we’re not ready yet” to bud­get restric­tions. Put peo­ple into pairs, one as the con­sul­tant, one as the pre­tend prospect. Click record. Once the first per­son has had a go, the group should ran­dom­ly swap sce­nar­ios and the sec­ond per­son will go. Make sure your sce­nar­ios have vari­ety and if appro­pri­ate, humour. We want them to be remem­bered and humour helps with the recall process, nicely. 

Watch the record­ing back and analyse. You can watch as pairs, a group or as a whole team. It will also give you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to see the participant’s whole per­for­mance while allow­ing your team to feed­back to each other. 

2. Pitch perfect

We all learn from oth­ers, whether it’s the per­son who sits next to you, or your boss. Every­one is a source of infor­ma­tion and knowl­edge. Every sales con­sul­tant devel­ops their own style, nor­mal­ly some­thing that suits their per­son­al­i­ty mixed in with who­ev­er trained them, and along the way they’ve prob­a­bly picked up a trick or two. So, how do we access this wealth of knowl­edge and open up the oppor­tu­ni­ty for col­lab­o­ra­tion and group development?


The Activ­i­ty

In this exer­cise you all go away, where no one can see you, and record your per­fect pitch. Then you come back togeth­er as a group and watch every­one’s pitch­es. It sup­ports feed­back  and cre­ates a col­lab­o­ra­tive feed­back envi­ron­ment. Also, by sup­port­ing these pitch­es with video the per­son exhibit­ing can see where feed­back applies. It’s also real­ly good for onboard­ing and team build­ing. It gives your less expe­ri­enced con­sul­tants a chance to learn from those more expe­ri­enced and vice versa. 

Why not take this activ­i­ty to the next lev­el and use real prac­tice exam­ples? It saves time and makes the activ­i­ty more realistic.

Sales skills

3. I got 99 problems but my pitch ain’t one

Pre­sen­ta­tion skills are a key com­po­nent of ALL sales pitch­es. But, I’m not just talk­ing about the pitch, your sales con­sul­tants need to be well versed at con­ver­sa­tion, answer­ing ques­tions and think­ing on the spot. If not they could end up floun­der­ing their way through those impor­tant meetings.


The Activ­i­ty

First­ly, start off by watch­ing 2 to 3 pre­sen­ta­tion exam­ples, some good, some bad. It would be best if these exam­ples were cus­tom record­ed to reflect your com­pa­ny, or even real meet­ing exam­ples. Then as a group come up with 5 good deliv­ery tech­niques that were used dur­ing those pre­sen­ta­tions. You could add a few more but it’s best not to over­load peo­ple with ideas too quickly. 

Next, comes the lucky dip. In a bag/ hat/ shoe, place a col­lec­tion of ran­dom dif­fer­ent top­ics on small slips of paper. These top­ics should not be relat­ed to work. We’re focus­ing on deliv­ery NOT con­tent. The more ran­dom, the bet­ter; for exam­ple, pis­ta­chios. The per­son has 2 min­utes to pre­pare. No slides, just talk­ing. Then they give their pre­sen­ta­tion. Next, the audi­ence ques­tions them and offers objections. 

They should focus on try­ing to put across as many of the tech­niques as they can from the pre­vi­ous analy­sis, it doesn’t mat­ter whether the con­tent is cor­rect. The whole pre­sen­ta­tion should be record­ed for lat­er reflec­tion. If you have time you can watch it again as a group. Like with the oth­er activ­i­ties, the ben­e­fit of the pre­sen­ter see­ing their own per­for­mance is ten­fold. The rest of group will make notes of what they saw, share what they missed with one anoth­er and then feed­back. Also, if they did some­thing great that wasn’t on the list, then men­tion that too. 

As it’s sales, and sales peo­ple tend to be very com­pet­i­tive, I would rec­om­mend intro­duc­ing a scor­ing sys­tem / prize to the top per­former. This activ­i­ty can also be com­plet­ed in teams but allow for a slight­ly longer prepa­ra­tion time. This is a great activ­i­ty to help devel­op your sales skills. 

It allows con­sul­tants to real­ly think about how they are pre­sent­ing and the lan­guage they use to com­mu­ni­cate, with­out also hav­ing to think about their drilled in con­tent. By pick­ing a ran­dom top­ic, you allow them to be more open to change and pre­vent them from falling back into rehearsed pre­sen­ta­tion top­ics. Also, the train­ing leader should take part. You should always prac­tice what you preach.

Developing sales skills

In sum­ma­ry, using video to accel­er­ate sales skills is extreme­ly pow­er­ful and the uses extend past those men­tioned above. Self-reflec­tion and group reflec­tion using video, allow sales con­sul­tants to hone in on the intri­cate details of their pitch. As research shows, being able to see and hear your per­for­mance great­ly impacts and accel­er­ates behav­iour change, and by inte­grat­ing this the­o­ry with your sales train­ing activ­i­ties employ­ees will not only be more engaged with train­ing but get much more out of it. So give it a go, and let me know the results in the com­ments below.

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3 video-based activ­i­ties for devel­op­ing sales skills