Enable consistent training delivery from all your trainers

Use our video-enabled platform for effective training assessment and quality assurance – over distance.

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If you manage a training function within your business you will recognise how hard it can be to regularly and effectively quality assure your trainers while also providing them with the learning opportunities they need to continually develop their skills. This process can be time consuming and expensive. With iConnect, you can overcome the time and cost barriers to supporting a distributed training team, whilst increasing the quality and quantity of the training and development you give them.

Distance is no longer a barrier to training trainers

Our video capture app and secure online platform make it easy to record training sessions, provide trainers with contextualised feedback and enable peer learning and knowledge sharing over distance.

Capture onsite training


Use the iConnect app on any device to record face-to-face meetings and automatically upload them into your private and secure account on the iConnect platform.

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Capture online training


If your trainers are delivering training sessions over distance using video conferencing software, take advantage of our integrated screen capture feature that allows you to record meetings on any platform (e.g. Zoom, Teams, etc.) and save the recordings directly into your iConnect account.

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“We wanted a system that was going to be high quality, good sound quality, that enabled videos to be used very routinely and reduced the amount of time it took trainers to set-up. iConnect has done that in every aspect.”
– Dr James Burden, GP Trainer

Use iConnect for your employee training and development:


Quality assurance

As a training provider or head of a corporate training department, it’s important to ensure participants on training sessions take home the same knowledge and results, no matter which trainer was training them. Through video-enabled sharing and collaboration you can more effectively analyse and compare individual training sessions and provide trainers with the necessary resources, such as feedback and exemplar videos, to align and ensure a consistent standard of training delivery.

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Training assessment

Traditionally, training assessment takes place via in-person observations and feedback forms. This can be time consuming and logistically challenging, particularly if you operate across multiple sites. It also comes at the risk of being based on subjective emotional reactions and blurry memories at the end of a session.

Conducting training assessments via video-recording ensures more objective and fact-based feedback; providing your trainers with assessments that are most valuable for their professional development. Our integrated forms feature lets you easily capture and visualise important criterias directly linked to the observation video.

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Coaching trainers

Imagine a junior trainer recording themselves and sharing the video with a peer or more experienced colleague. They can then receive valuable insights and advice, no matter how far away the colleagues are located. Feedback about technique will be fully contextualised, focused on specific moments and will create an informed and effective dialogue between coach and trainer.

With our Discovery Kit Go Live you can take this even one step further. Coaches are then able to observe a trainee in real-time, remotely and provide live in-ear coaching from any location.

“In my role as coach and mentor, iConnect has been the most useful and powerful tool for improving training and development quickly.”

– Lisa Middleton, Coach and Mentor

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Sharing good practice

Share recorded examples of good training practice with your colleagues at the click of a button. Using Groups on the iConnect platform, you can easily build libraries of practice and make them accessible to all relevant team members. They can then view the recording of a training session and also leave time-stamped comments to share feedback, thoughts and insights.

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Enabling reflective activities

Giving your trainers the opportunity to evaluate their own practice is an extremely effective development tool. Seeing yourself in the workplace helps you gain a greater insight into your own skills and behaviours and gives trainers the opportunity to see themselves as an observer would. Get your trainers to record themselves with video for self-evaluation and encourage a reflective approach to performance development.

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“iConnect has enabled us to retrospectively observe our delivery staff, overcoming the challenges of time and distance. It’s allowed us to work collaboratively to improve our training, learning and assessment methods, thereby improving our trainees’ overall experience.”
– Tyrone Hoyland, Quality Improvement Manager, JTL Training

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