An effective train the trainer strategy is vital for a successful programme and will ultimately lead to improved business outcomes for your organisation.

The most important factor that can lead to impactful learning for employees is the trainers themselves. So, it’s essential to invest in the development and quality of your  trainers.

The train the trainer model allows inexperienced trainers to learn from seasoned managers.  Video can further strengthen this process.

1.Train the trainer feedback

Traditionally the manager observes from the back and records notes, but this method may cause the lead trainer to miss out on key parts of the training session.

Using video means that feedback is objective, so there should be less debriefing issues between the manager and the trainer.  Objective information or analysis is fact-based, measurable and observable. (As opposed to subjective feedback which is influenced by a person’s feelings, tastes and/or opinions.)

The iConnect video platform takes this a step further; the trainer can see and hear themselves in the workshop, meaning the feedback they receive is contextualised. The analysis tools within the platform enable trainers and managers to measure areas such as questioning techniques and the length of time spent on certain activities.  

2.Trainer self-reflection

During the traditional train the trainer model, participants can’t see their improvements. They instead rely on comments from managers and feedback from delegates.

Learning is a constant, iterative process. Video allows the trainer to continuously see areas they are excelling in as well as identifying area for improvement.

iConnect allows the new trainer to make comparisons and to continuously see how they are developing. Trainers can continually record their sessions and reflect on their practice to improve their performance.

3.Reducing time and travel costs

Mobilising managers to observe trainers in-situ not only incurs large costs but can also be near impossible to achieve regularly, especially if your team is spread out over different geographical locations. Video can help to alleviate these challenges.

Using iConnect, trainers can record their sessions and share them with their manager at the click of a button. Feedback can then be provided over time and distance via time-stamped commentary. The trainer can then respond in their own time, creating a professional dialogue around specific areas of performance.

This means managers can effectively coach and assure the quality of trainers remotely allowing for more observations more often. iConnect is a cost-effective way to combat time and distance barriers whilst still providing trainers with effective learning opportunities.

4.Trainer onboarding and CPD

There are a number of intuitive tools within the iConnect platform that makes the train the trainer process easier:                

  • Create best practices so that exemplar training can be modelled to other trainers.  
  • Use the editing tool to allow organisations to create best practice showreels (multiple clips from different sessions) around specific examples, such as engaging session openings.
  • Share good practice easily with new trainers to enable a smoother learning transition whilst enabling trainers to collaborate with others by sharing video practice, asking questions and overcoming common challenges.

5. In-ear coaching

In situations where classrooms are static (like in a training academy), discussion of feedback does not happen until the workshop is over. As a result, training improvements won’t take effect until the next workshop.

The iConnect Go Live feature facilitates live in-ear coaching. Watching remotely, the coach can give immediate feedback to trainers allowing them to try new skills in the moment or ensure quality. The benefit of this is that behaviour changes are more likely to take hold as the immediate feedback is applied to a real scenario. This allows a deeper level of understanding for the learner as they can make immediate improvements seeing the immediate results.

iConnect is the experiential video learning platform that enhances the effectiveness of train the trainer programmes. Using our unique video capture technology, trainers can record their sessions, reflect on their practice, analyse their delivery and share with managers or peers for feedback. Get in touch to find out more.


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5 ways your organisation can improve its train the trainer strategy using video
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