In my previous role as one of the Global Learning & Development Managers for a large scale finance company, my experiences and the challenges I faced wouldn’t have been any different from many other L&D Managers leading a widespread or global training delivery team; or any other type of team come to that matter.

In my environment, leaders were dealing with teams spanning anywhere between 10 – 25 countries and supporting the development of thousands of people, working across multiple disciplines.

The challenges of money, space and time

As L&D Managers, many of us find ourselves trying to monitor, develop and assess the delivery performance of team members who are, in many cases, in different countries and speaking different languages.

We are responsible for the coaching and the development of teams fragmented by time zones and space, as well as for their motivation and well-being. Our task is to hire, onboard, upskill and continuously develop trainers so that they are quick to competency and able to deliver engaging and interactive courses that meet many complex internal and external standards.

With minimal or zero travel & expense allowance, and everyone working in silos, this can become a very difficult task. Gaining visibility into their training rooms gets harder and harder, as do all of the leadership requirements and upkeep of the team’s morale. We are always on the search for a solution to:

  • Help us share practice amongst the team
  • Quickly bring people up-to-speed
  • Create cohesion and a sense of inclusion
  • Enable us to have transparency into our team’s performance and evidence to suggest the same

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Discovering the Solution that Provides Transparency

As a result, when I got my new role at iConnect I became incredibly excited at the avenues the platform could open up for those I’d said goodbye to. Being able to remote into their training room, or see video clips of their choice would provide an immediate gateway into the lives of the team, their training room interactions and their expertise.

Having objective analysis capabilities (like iConnect Forms) would have aided my due diligence as a leader to effectively assess, rate and develop them. Having the ability to share videos would have empowered the team to share real practice, ask each other questions and address common challenges.

This could be developed even further by creating iConnect Groups to allow the team to build banks of useful video clips, create curriculums to help new and existing trainers get up-to-speed, as well as to enable participants to catch up on anything they might have missed.

Bridging the Performance Management and Impact Gap

I could also see a way to use the platform to link training room performance with overall business outcomes; statistical analysis of trainer performance vs business KPIs meant a case could be made for direct impact – every L&D Manager’s dream!

This could not only be used for the training room but also for:

  • One-to-one interactions
  • Developing soft skills
  • Capturing and sharing operational interactions

What iConnect does is cross time and distance barriers without incurring T&E costs. It opens up the lines of communication, brings together a dispersed team, provides transparency and makes managing a team so much easier. This can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want to make it, linking in with existing LMS and other systems.

When I joined iConnect, I found myself saying the same thing ‘if only I’d had this in my old role…’ Don’t miss out like I did, learn how iConnect can solve a lot of the challenges that you probably currently face.

Ask for a no obligation demo today to see exactly how the iConnect platform can save you time, money and cortisol production.

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