Video recording is a key component of GP training around the country. It allows trainers to observe their registrars and medical students in practice with patients for discussion and feedback. Video is also used to provide practical evidence for trainer and GP reaccreditation and, in some areas, also supports clinical skills assessment and medical simulations.

Yet, clunky video cameras, room restrictions, lack of security and data compliance, out of date editing systems and temperamental hardware, make recording patients a risky, stressful and time-consuming activity. 

iConnect’s app and platform reduces the stress of recording and reviewing in clinical environments.

This blog explores the 3 main benefits of using an app and platform based recording system for GP training.

1. Accessibility

As the iConnect app can be used on any smart device (android, IOS, tablets, phones etc), recording consultations are no longer restricted to a specific consultation room or limited by your available hardware. If you have a smartphone, you can quickly and securely record your consultation at the click of a button.

This means recording clinical environments has never been more flexible or accessible. In large GP training practices, multiple people can record simultaneously and traditional cameras, webcams, and other recording systems become a thing of the past. After all, you wouldn’t take one of these antiquated cameras on holiday with you, so why are you still using them to record registrar consultations?

By storing videos on our online platform, you can access video content at any time. This means that trainers and registrars can reflect on, give and receive feedback and analyse the video flexibly. What’s more, as the platform has a number of analytical and commentary tools, navigating video content becomes much simpler and more effective for both the registrar and trainer.

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2. Ease of use

Using an app allows you to start recording at the click of a button. Once the recording is complete, the app will automatically upload the video to the online platform. Videos will be where they are supposed to be, easy to find and easy to access every single time.

With just one more click you will be able to share recorded consultations with trainers and registrars securely. Uploading and searching through files and folders, individual’s computers, hard drives and sometimes even phones, which takes up valuable training time, is no longer an issue.


“It’s a great teaching tool to enable trainees to reflect on their own consultations. They can also either pick random cases, or what they feel to be their best or worst cases, to show to their trainer or their peer group.” – Dr James Burden, Lakeside Medical Practice

3. Security

With any hardware, security is a concern. Patient data shouldn’t be a passing thought but a crucial feature of any recording system you wish to implement. Unfortunately, with the majority of traditional recording hardware, this isn’t the case.

With iConnect’s app-based system, data protection is assured at every stage of the recording and uploading process. The app hides the video file throughout the recording and automatically deletes the video once the upload to the platform is complete. It is impossible to access or export the video file from the recording device. This means that at every stage during the recording and upload process the video remains 100% secure and is never compromised.

The platform itself utilises a world-class storage environment that has a state of the art network security fully compliant with GDPR, EU Data Protection law and a number of other data assurance programmes. Patient confidentiality and the protection of highly sensitive data is at the heart of our approach.

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3 ways iConnect can better support GP training
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