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Health Education England North West (HEE NW) have been using iConnect’s video capture app and online feedback platform since 2017 to support GP training and specifically trainer re-accreditation. In that time, trainers in the North West have recorded and shared over 1,500 videos via iConnect for their re-accreditation.

HEE NW’s priority is ‘to ensure that their trainees are confident in providing high-quality patient care, supported by excellent trainers and underpinned by the GMC’s standards for medical education and training.’

The challenge

To achieve the above, they feel it’s important to observe how trainers deliver teaching and learning within their practices. “We think watching them actually do a learning event, usually a case based discussion is a very good way of identifying those trainers that need extra support in that area,” explains Alison Caldwell, Associate GP Dean for HEE NW.

The challenge they faced was that hundreds of trainers within the North West were using memory sticks to share their videos. All 9 Associate Deans had a number of memory sticks in their possession at any one time, which posed a security risk.


“Before iConnect, we were using memory sticks to transfer and share information which was often time-consuming along with the risk of this information being lost in the post, delivered incorrectly and/or stolen,” explains Mei Lee, GP Programme Administrator.

The solution

iConnect’s unique recording system has meant trainers can now download the app onto any smartphone or tablet to quickly and securely record videos and then share them digitally at the click of a button.

Alison explains, “All of our trainers are re-accredited every three years and we ask them to provide a video of learning with some reflection. The Associate Dean team watch those videos prior to the re-accreditation panel. We also have a number of masterclasses running across HEE NW which are accredited to a local university, they require some video of either a learning event or a coaching event, so it’s used for that. Also, our basic trainers’ course requires a submission of a teaching event and a patient consultation so we can access that potential trainer’s consultation skills in advance of them coming on the course.”

Not only has the iConnect app made video recording more simple and accessible, but the online video platform has also saved time and effort.


“My job takes me away quite a lot and I’m never on one site for very long, so I like the fact that I can log in to iConnect from home, from a hotel if I’m away on a course or from the office, and watch a video because it’s there on the iConnect platform. It’s definitely saved me time and definitely saved that inconvenience of having to come and collect a memory stick so that I can do my job. It’s also far more secure. The quality of the recordings is also superior to a memory stick.

I’d definitely recommend iConnect to others to use because it’s such an easy method of uploading as many videos as often as you like, and provides the ability to feedback very quickly to the learner. It’s also very user-friendly, all the GPs have found it easy to use.”

“It’s a much more improved, and safer way to transfer and share information which gives both the trainer and HEE NW staff peace of mind,” says Mei. “The support we’ve received from iConnect has been really efficient, helpful and very much appreciated.”

The future

Alison and her team plan to further utilise iConnect’s analysis tools to capture data and make the feedback processes simpler.

“We’re looking forward to using iConnect’s Forms feature to replace our re-accreditation document, which is a bit like an appraisal document,” describes Alison. “We hope to make the questions from the document into a form and then the trainers will use the commentary feature to reflect on their videos. At the moment trainers have to do a written timeline of the video, so this will save a lot of time and simplify the process.”

HEE NW’s investment in iConnect has filtered down to training practices and programmes in the region who are using the system to support their own trainees when recording patient consultations. As a result, the North West is the fastest growing region in the country for iConnect usage.


The power of video for GP trainer re-accreditation
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