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One platform. Many opportunities for effective customer and staff training.

Video recording

Record in-house, developmental roleplay as well as in-person meetings or client interactions through our apps (Apple or Android), or record on-screen happenings on any video-conferencing platform using our integrated screen capture tool.

Secure video conferencing

Use password protected breakout rooms, interactive whiteboard, shared notes and more to securely facilitate online roleplay and seminars through our fully-featured, GDPR compliant and 100% browser-based video conferencing tool (no software or plugins required).

Time-stamped comments

Once you have a session recorded, you can easily provide contextualised feedback or annotate the video using time-stamped comments; enabling clear communication over distance, at any time.

Simple video editing

Clip teachable moments from longer videos to use in training materials or as examples of best practices directly in the platform.

Easy sharing and collaboration

Encourage collaboration by securely sharing videos and other training materials with individuals or entire organisations.

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Safeguarding & Security

We take safeguarding and security seriously. All recorded videos are encrypted and automatically uploaded to your private and secure account in our fully GDPR compliant platform, ready to reflect on, edit or share at a later date.

By default, only the person who uploaded a recording has access to it unless they decide to share a video at their own discretion. Ensuring full control and privacy for every user.


“In the past year we’ve had 515 sessions recorded across our academies and those were viewed 5,062 times by our staff. From a Trust perspective, iConnect is a fantastic tool for not only capturing our most effective practice but most importantly, spreading it.”

– Sonya Lanckham, Strategic Leader for Teaching and Learning at Windsor Academy Trust

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