Capture it, analyse it, share it.

iCon­nect is the online video plat­form that allows sales teams to record, analyse and share prac­tice. Record pitch­es, prod­uct demos or role-plays for onboard­ing, staff devel­op­ment and coaching.

Try it yourself

  1. Book a free, no oblig­a­tion demo, we’ll show you how it works
  2. Use our app to record your best per­former in a role­play or real life setting
  3. Use our data cap­ture and com­men­tary tools to analyse the video and share it with the rest of your team
  4. Have a re-usable resource for ongo­ing training

“We’ve increased our rev­enue by 24% on the same peri­od last year…efficiency has improved and we have much more align­ment across the team”

- Lucy Franklin, Sales Direc­tor at Accor­dance VAT

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