The key to attract­ing and retain­ing your top tal­ent, is the learn­ing and devel­op­ment you offer new starters. Onboard­ing new sales­peo­ple and get­ting them up to speed quick­ly can mean a con­sid­er­able increase in rev­enue and effi­cien­cy for your organisation. 

Onboard­ing new sales­peo­ple can teach them about the com­pa­ny cul­ture, it should sug­gest what knowl­edge and skills they require to be suc­cess­ful in their role and it advis­es them on how they can become more pro­duc­tive mem­bers of the team, faster. It decreas­es the like­li­hood of mis­takes being made, inspires con­fi­dence and improves performance.

“When sales­peo­ple go through struc­tured onboard­ing, 69% are more like­ly to remain with the organ­i­sa­tion after three years.” — A Mag­a­zine, “How to inspire great teams”

How to get your salespeople off the start line quickly

Estab­lish your organisation’s best-prac­tice blue­print and sales method­ol­o­gy. This is a great way of expos­ing those new starters to what their crit­i­cal learn­ing is in the first few months. It also allows them to apply their strengths and weak­ness­es to their learning.

Ensur­ing new starters under­stand your sales process is a giv­en, but what about the buy­er jour­ney? This will influ­ence how the sales process is applied. Think about how you can immerse your new starter in the thought process­es that poten­tial buy­ers can have and actions they may take. Do you have a map of both and are they aligned?

For more help­ful advice on onboard­ing your sales­peo­ple and get­ting them up to speed quick­ly, down­load our guide on ‘Devel­op­ing high per­form­ing sales teams’.

Create experts within your team

Sales pro­fes­sion­als should be seen by clients as trust­ed advi­sors. To achieve this, they need to know as much-or-more about the field in which their buy­ers oper­ate. Of course, becom­ing an expert at any­thing takes time and we learn through expe­ri­ences, so think about how onboard­ing new sales­peo­ple can speed up this process. 

At Hub­Spot for exam­ple, new sales starters are tasked with cre­at­ing their own web­sites, blogs and social media pres­ence, engag­ing with SEO meth­ods along the way. This means that when it comes to sell­ing HubSpot’s inbound mar­ket­ing soft­ware, they have a gen­uine under­stand­ing of how their tech­nol­o­gy works for the end user and the pains and stress­es felt in their dai­ly jobs.

onboarding new salespeople

Test for sales readiness

How do you know when your new starters are ready to get on the phone or meet poten­tial clients?  You can test for sales readi­ness in two ways: prod­uct knowl­edge and sell­ing behaviours.

Prod­uct knowl­edge: This can be test­ed for with an exam at the end of train­ing to ensure new starters have a suit­able lev­el of knowl­edge around your prod­uct or service.

Behav­iours: This can be achieved through sim­u­lat­ed learn­ing. Get trainees to demon­strate and role play their pre­sen­ta­tions, calls and sell­ing skills (like ques­tion­ing tech­niques) against a framework.
This process can real­ly be accel­er­at­ed by enabling new starters to record them­selves in action with audio or video. This allows for enhanced self-reflec­tion and objec­tive feed­back; speed­ing up their development.

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Onboard­ing new sales­peo­ple: Get them con­tribut­ing, faster!
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