Accordance VAT have been using iConnect to revolutionize the way training is delivered to their sales force, considerably increasing revenue and efficiency.

“We’ve increased our revenue by 24% on the same period last year”

Lucy Franklin, Sales Director



Induction: time and capacity limitations

Accordance is a rapidly growing company with a regular intake of new starters joining their sales team. Before iConnect, training new hires was a time consuming process and Lucy Franklin, Sales Director at Accordance, was concerned about how effective the induction process was.

“We want to make people as effective as they can be; but quicker. I was concerned about the amount of time senior team members were taking to train new staff, which ultimately meant they were spending less time generating their own business.”

Lucy Franklin, Sales Director

When iConnect was introduced they uploaded all of their sales materials onto the iConnect platform and used the iConnect IOS app to record and upload example roleplays and sales calls from their best consultants.

“Using video is so much more engaging and we found new members of our sales team getting to grips with our language, processes and approach far more quickly. We still provide new employees with coaching but the speed to competency in our sales team has increased dramatically.”

Roberta Folta, Senior BDM

Embedding skills and knowledge

“At Accordance, training and coaching doesn’t just stop after onboarding”

Lauren Trigwell, Senior BDM

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After implementing iConnect as their induction tool the sales team began looking at how iConnect could support ongoing development. As all consultants began to record their sales calls, they found it enabled them to:

  • Reflect on their own practice
  • Share examples with peers and managers
  • Receive meaningful, contextualized feedback

“iConnect allows managers and team members to view each other’s sales examples at a time suitable to them. It means as a team we can provide more peer support, mentoring and coaching without it impacting our day to day work. We’ve all improved as a result.”

Lauren Trigwell, Senior BDM

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The future

Pioneered by the sales team, the success of iConnect has meant that Accordance want to use the platform to enhance induction and training across their entire organization, leading to consistent and effective training opportunities for all staff.

The sales team aren’t finished though, they plan to further utilise iConnect’s analysis tools to capture data around their sales approach.

“We realise it’s all about data these days. We’ve started moving away from only providing verbal and written feedback and becoming more scientific in our approach to sales.”

Lucy Franklin, Sales Director

“We’ve already started using the iConnect Forms feature to measure the type of questions we ask and how engaged our audience are. We plan to take this much further over the coming months.”

Roberta Folta, Senior BDM

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accordance_logo_v2_blue-e1436366957130Accordance is an international VAT consultancy and VAT compliance firm. Their aim is to enable businesses to trade internationally, by providing specialist VAT compliance services to remove the burden of cross-border VAT.
Experienced VAT consultants specialising in cross-border transactions provide practical, commercially beneficial VAT assistance to companies across the EU and beyond – working across a range of industries and business sizes, including many international FTSE 100 and Global 500 businesses.Accordance offers a single point of contact for international VAT – their one-stop shop makes it easier for clients to manage their international position.
Increasing revenue and efficiency
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